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The story behind Royal Media Agency is similar to a movie script: boy meets girl, they fall in love and after a (very) short time, they launch a digital marketing agency in July 2019.

This is, of course, the short side of the story. The digital marketing agency idea belongs to our founder and is older than 2019. This idea has come up as a natural evolution from freelancing and side projects to the next level: a full-stack, global digital marketing agency, offering the latest services and strategies in the market. With over 14 years of expertise in copywriting, SEO, and growth hacking, Royal Media Agency team will help you achieve your ambitious business goals.

Core Values.

A Word From Our Founder

"In this dynamic industry, you can't offer guarantees of any kind. Whoever promises you the first page of Google in 1 month is either a fake or an enthusiast beginner."

Anthony M. Alexander
Anthony Alexander

What Our Clients Say

We take feedback seriously and we’re always looking to learn from our client’s experience. There is no “good” or “bad” feedback for us, there is always room for improvement. We strive to get better every day.

“Many thanks to the Royal Media Agency team for quality customer support and business strategies. They were always close to us, with creative ideas, fast support, and good management of the Facebook & Google Ads accounts. We managed to bring performance to our digital marketing campaigns and they helped us increase the number of clients and our visibility in the online environment. I highly recommend this great team. Thank you for everything!”
Patricia Ellison
Entrepreneur & Philantropist
“Working with Anthony and his team was a desirable experience and I’m looking forward to booking their services again soon. They’ve helped us with a powerful SEO strategy, and we've managed to grow our website traffic from 5500 daily visits to 11000 daily visits, in 3 months. These guys are a good fit if you need quality SEO services.”
John Fowley
"Following the advice provided by the Royal Media Agency team, we managed to successfully carry out the most effective awareness and conversion campaigns. They took into account the specifics of our business when they came up with a brand new, fresh strategy, and offered remarkable solutions to identified issues. Those growth hacking techniques are simply great, very powerful, and effective. Definitely recommend these guys, they certainly know their game."
Steven Smith
Marketing Manager
"I like how these guys work and they've certainly mastered their craft. However, what I personally disagree with is the long process of becoming their client. They're very careful who they're working with (which is not a bad thing) and it takes quite a long time before closing a deal with them. Kudos for everything else (and their results).”
Sabrina Wang
General Manager

Have a Project?

Contact us and let's see if we are a good fit for your project. If we're good to make business together, we'll jump in a free, 30 minutes consulting call.

We Empower Your Business

Our only purpose is to grow your business locally and globally. We don’t believe in outlandish promises, we rely only on solid results and exponential growth. Contact us & let’s talk about your strategy!

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